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Welcome to the new home of DJ AKiA!

I’m happy to announce that the vision is being realized and the goal is slowly (but surely) being accomplished. Thank you for taking the time to visit my new site. Hopefully, we will be rolling out some awesome content for your consumption and maybe close a few deals and forge new partnerships along the way. Thanks again for visiting and if you’re a tech snob like myself check out my other weblog at

Clarity M on Box

TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Review

TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo  The Clarity M Stereo is not only an innovative but extremely versatile tool for the monitoring and...

Product Reviews

The UNO Synth is Analog Reimagined

When you hear the words “Analog Synth” what comes to mind? For some it’s the nostalgic sounds of the famous Moog synths of...

Product Reviews

IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 25 Review

IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 25 Review     Intro IK Multimedia is a company that has been making musician focused software and...

Product Reviews

Sennheiser HD7 DJ Headphone Review

If you are a regular visitor to the blog then you already know that I’m a notorious Cheapskate and not in the sense...

Product Reviews

The Roland A-01K Better Late Than Never Review

The Roland A-01 and A-01K variant were released a little over a year ago. The A-01 is listed as a Controller+Generator by Roland...

Product Reviews

Arturia Minilab MKII vs Minilab Comparison

The reason I’m doing this review is because like you I was considering purchasing the newly released Minilab MK2. The problem for me...

Product Reviews

The Samson Conspiracy is Shockingly…Okay

The Samson Conspiracy! Its name conjures up images of secret hideouts, sinister plots, and dastardly deeds. Its design is a cross between a...

I Love the Arturia KeyStep

I’m usually pretty reserved about the products I review but the KeyStep will be the exception. When Arturia first release the controller I...

Launch Control XL | Software does not support multiple devices simultaneously

Recently I purchased a Novation Launch Control XL to compliment the Novation Circuit I’ve had for the last few months. I needed something...

Product Reviews

Hands on Review of the Denon MC4000

Denon MC4000 Intro | The Denon MC4000 is the first controller to be released by the recently acquired Denon DJ. This model is...

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