Recently I purchased a Novation Launch Control XL to compliment the Novation Circuit I’ve had for the last few months. I needed something with a lot of knobs and a few sliders to make it a little easier to adjust the parameters of the Circuit in addition to manipulating the controls of a few of the Synths that I use with Presonus S1 which the LCXL is perfect for with its built in HUI support. As with all newly purchased gear, the first thing I checked for was to see if there were any new drivers or firmware for the device, and there was. I downloaded the files and enthusiastically began the installation. The file that I installed (Update 59) included the addition of HUI support to the Launcher XL. It accomplished this by creating secondary MIDI in and out ports for the LCXL that could then be mapped to your DAW to provide HUI control of the Mixer and transport sections of the software. This is the root of the problem with the editor as it only supports one device at a time.

After contacting Novation Support I was provided with the solution to this problem which I will detail below:

  • The first thing that you will need to do is to uninstall the LCXL Editor.
  • The next step is to download the latest Launch Control Software V1.1
  • Third re-install the Editor and then your LCXL should be detected
  • Now you can connect to the LCXL error free to modify your settings

Edit: Novation has officially released v1.1 of the editor, please click the image below to go to the new download page for the LCXL

Launch Control XL V1.1 Editor fix


That’s it, I’m sure this update will eventually be released officially but for now, the beta version is working fine for me. As with all beta software be careful, I’m sure it’s still in beta for a reason so don’t update unless you really need to use the Editor. I needed to upload the Circuit templates to the LCXL which is why I performed the update. I also have a solution for people needing to control the circuit via the LCXL when connected to windows PC without using a DAW. I’ll try to have that up by the end of this week.

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